About Us

Mikhongelo Trimming Services is a professional trimming and upholstery company established on the backdrop of a growing market needing services of a responsible and competent South African company. The quality of our products and our robust processes are a winning formula that has given us rapid growth. Mikhongelo (vernacular for prayers) is an answer to our client’s prayers who yearn for durable trimming and upholstery solutions giving them the satisfaction they deserve.

We are mainly active in Gauteng, Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces. Our affiliations and associations create a healthy network that can service any job size anywhere across South Africa. We are passionate about growing the South African economy through innovative solutions delivered on time.

As a 100% black owned company we enshrine principles of employment equity and gender representation in the work place. We continue providing additional training and growth opportunities for our qualified employees; all of them are from previously disadvantaged backgrounds.

To ensure uninterrupted production we have acquired high quality machines which are well maintained to guarantee production flow and uncompromised products.

We serve our clients with quality upholstery materials suited for manufacturing and repair needs of a number of custom requirements from game view canvas, leather car seat-covers, car carpet and furniture (sofas).

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the premium supplier of Car Trimming & Upholstery Solutions to the automotive industry and other industries that require such services at a professionalized level.

Mission Statement

Mikhongelo Trimming Centre and Upholstery is aimed at capitalising its effort in the following aspects:

  • Contributing towards meeting growing infrastructure demand by becoming the nerve centre for Car Trimming and Upholstery services in the North East part of South Africa (former Transvaal).
  • The company is dedicated to providing high quality workmanship, meeting agreed delivery dates, and executing custom work as per our client’s specifications.