Our Materials


We source high quality automotive leather hides in a range of colours and finishes.

The hides we use vary based on application. Our automotive hides are durable enough to withstand the type of usage experienced within a car. The hides are strong enough not to stretch, avoiding poor finishes associated with lower quality leathers. All of our leather is tanned to the highest automotive quality.


Our canvas is a sturdy material that is strong and weather resistant whilst versatile in its use and application. We use high quality canvas that is customized to a client’s needs. Our canvas can be sourced in different colours to suite a client’s needs.


Vinyl upholstery fabric is a durable and waterproof leather look-like material available in a variety of textures, weights, and colors.

Economy vinyl material is a water proof vinyl on the top side and the reverse side in a flannel backing that helps stabilize the vinyl and prevent it from sliding around. A couple of applications for this material would be bar stool tops, padded headboards, benches, car seats and etc.

Expanded back vinyl is a commercial grade vinyl fabric that offers more durability and flexibility than the economy vinyl. It is longer lasting for heavy wear projects such as couch and chair upholstery.

Marine vinyl is a commercial grade expanded back vinyl that is UV treated and suited for about anything including furniture reupholstery, outdoor awnings; auto upholstery and boat seat covers.