Management Team

The company is managed by the following team:

Mikho Maluleke

Managing Director


  • B-Tech: Management
  • Advance Diploma: Project Management
  • N.Dip: Electrical Engineering

Tonic Chauke

Operations Director


  • N.Dip: Operation & Quality Management
  • Advance Diploma: Project Management

Roles and Responsibilities:

We have benchmarked our organization with international best practices. This marries our processes with workmanship ensuring growth and clear accountability. Below is a list of a separation of roles and responsibilities within the organization.

Managing Director: Is responsible for the following duties:

  • Overall strategic direction of the company.
  • Delegates high level tasks and plan schedule.
  • Monitor performance and operations.
  • Currently acts as a Marketing Manager for the business.
  • Serve as the public image of the organization.
  • Control all marketing initiatives of the company.

Operations Manager: Is responsible for the following duties:

  • Day to day site management.
  • Delegate tasks on site.
  • Execute all planned tasks and review where necessarily.
  • Execute all marketing initiatives of the company and assist MD.


  • Answers incoming and outgoing calls in the business.
  • Opens customer files.
  • Accepts payments from the clients.
  • Sets up and controls all financial systems (with a mandate to consult where necessary).
  • Liaises with the business’s Accounting Officer.
  • Is the company’s paymaster when the manager is held up in some of the company’s matters.
  • Reports to General Manager.


  • Specialise in producing all our upholstered products and do the fitting on automobiles.
  • They design and manufacture chairs, seat covers, car floor carpets, lounge suites, loose mats, Gecko seat covers, canvas work and loadbin liners.